Carpooling Platform for Corporate Employees.



  ONE TAP to Offer or Find a ride

  Neat and EASY to use

  ONE TIME entry of Home and Office location

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  Mobile number and Office email VERIFIED

  NOT open for unverified users

  Manual SCANNING of profiles

  CASHLESS Transactions

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  Connect with new COLLEAGUES

  Make new FRIENDS

  Live FEED of rides around you

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Corporate Email ID verification. Mobile number verified through OTP.


Proximity based algorithm to auto-discover rides. Optimized based on location and user preferences.


Fare cost sharing to promote carpooling. Cashless transactions for hassle free experience.


User controls who to ride with. Convenience of
editing the ride before the connect.


Connect with new colleagues and make new friends.


Allows users to chat and exchange messages in a convenient way.

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What is Carpooling?

Carpooling is sharing car journey so that two or more people travel in the same car. It saves money, eases commuting and is environment friendly.

What is Groupool?

Groupool is a mobile app platform for simple and secured carpooling for corporate employees. It connects the car owners and riders through a simplistic and user friendly interface.

How about safety aspects of carpooling with Groupool?

Groupool connects your neighbors and colleagues by creating a group of trusted corporate commuters. These are the same folks who live nearby you and either go to the same office or nearby offices. Unless the corporate identity is verified, users will not be able to carpool. Similarly the trust ratings of the users go up if they link their social profile with their groupool profile to build trust factor.


What People Are Saying
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Parag Kulkarni
Groupool is the need of the hour in today's traffic! No more burning fuel for just one person riding in a car. Groupool is really making carpooling work.
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Parimal Killarikar
I was involved in Groupool in early phase of brainstorming on one of the use cases. It is really amazing how much of thoughts and efforts Groupool team has put in to build a very practical carpooling solution.
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Avani Pujara
No more haggling with autos everyday. Groupool gives such a easy way to commute to work with friends and colleagues. Also, looking forward to a new feature of Women only ride!
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Satish Kulkarni
Simply awesome UI!! And just a right mix of features! We have a group for our society in Groupool and almost everybody joined in. Saves lot on fuel cost everyday.
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Groupool is a platform for simple and secured carpooling for corporate commuters. It connects Car owners and Riders. Groupool is developed based on very practical approach of ride sharing. The workflow is built from the feedback from about 100s of commuters who have already tried carpooling in an offline manner. Groupool is FREE to use. It saves money, gives stress-free ride, and is good for environment too.

Our Story

Raj commutes everyday to his office in IT park Pune. He usually gets stuck in traffic jam, then curses the traffic and the infrastructure and talks about it with his colleagues everyday. It's not just one Raj here, but along with him, almost all of his colleagues and neighbors had the same story to share.
One fine day, Raj decided to start carpooling with his group of friends and colleagues. However, finding and coordinating carpool turned out to be too much of hassle. Car owners were interested in sharing the ride to save the cost and riders were looking at options to ease their commute. What was stopping them was a practical carpooling platform. That's when Raj thought of a possibility of building a reliable carpooling platform which connects car owners and riders with just a few taps on their mobile. That gave birth to Groupool - Carpooling platform for Corporate employees. Groupool is FREE to use!
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305, Sanskriti Arcade, Wakad,
Pune, Maharashtra - 411057