7 Tips to seek more Co-Travellers
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Carpooling is definitely the coolest and most cost effective way to commute. Here are 7 easy ways to seek more co-travellers.

  1. Offer rides at a precise time - Offer a daily ride as your schedule permits. If your office timings are fixed then why not offer a recurring ride? (Works best for those lucky folks who have not-so-demanding projects!)

  2. Decide a specific start point - Coordinating with others can be a little difficult when you choose to carpool. Decide on a specific start point to save time and it will also aid in effortless commuting.

  3. Keep it as transparent as possible - Carpooling is a relatively new concept and many people have their own reservations. Thus, in order to get more co-travellers on board you need to provide more specific details about your ride.

  4. Update your profile - This is very crucial if you are serious about carpooling. Make sure you have an updated profile with a recent picture and details of your vehicle.

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  6. Respond - Carpooling is all about stress-free commute and saving money. Thus, it is extremely important that you respond to the requesters. Feel free to directly call when necessary. It will not only help built a positive rapport with your co-travellers but will also be a great way to connect with new ones.

  7. Be proactive - Things may still fall apart at the last moment. If you wish to change or cancel your ride then do communicate that to riders with whom you have confirmed the ride immediately.

  8. Take care of all your co-travellers - As obvious as it may sound, it is something that needs to be followed religiously. Keep your car clean and your driving safe!

  9. Happy stress-free commuting!