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Daily Difficulties to commute to office

Did you know a hassle-free work-home commutes can add a lot of value to your mental health? It's true. As commuting is something that you have to do everyday, it is imperative to find a way which will make it easy and to some extent pleasant. Carpooling can be one of the alternatives. Here's why you should give carpooling a try.

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Ways of networking

Meeting people and building your network has become a crucial part of your lifestyle these days. In the corporate world a good network can make things really easy for you, like work-home commutes. A lot can happen when you pool your resources. And a perfect app to do it is Groupool. Now find out people who travel on the same route through chat service on the app.  […]

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Corporate Carpooling

Carpooling is logical and simple way to commute to office. Couple this with a city like ours (Pune) where a large number of IT employees work at far away IT parks. It then makes natural sense to carpool and commute with ease, save time and   […]

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7 Tips to seek more Co-Travellers

Carpooling is definitely the coolest and most cost effective way to commute. Here are 7 easy ways to seek more co-travellers.

1. Offer the ride for precise time - Offer a daily ride as your schedule permits. If your office timings are fixed then why not offer a recurring ride. (Works best for those lucky folks who have not-so-demanding projects!).

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Save, relax and connect Rediscover an exciting new way of commuting to work!

Braving the heavy traffic, zooming past polluting vehicles and struggling to cope with soaring temperatures.  […]

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