Corporate Carpooling
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Carpooling is logical and simple way to commute to office. Couple this with a city like ours (Pune) where a large number of IT employees work at far away IT parks. It then makes natural sense to carpool and commute with ease, save time and save cost.

In spite of this, there is NO app/solution today which focuses on the daily commuting patterns of corporate employees. A few companies came up with their intranet microsites (not an App) to enable carpooling. It had fair success but due to lower volumes and inability of the corporates to define pricing structure for such a practice led to lower penetration and acceptability of the offering. Moreover, without a mobile app it seemed too rudimentary.

My story is like any other guy commuting to Hinjewadi IT Park. At least 45-60 minutes commuting to office and while on my way I could see scores of cars alongside me with just the driver in it. Like I used to drive alone. Coming back, it’s the same scene. Incidentally, we see a multiplier of them in local transportation buses, contractor buses, rickshaws, bikes and everything else.

Not that we don’t care about this sheer waste of natural resources besides the increased stress levels. Someone has to step out, think through and build a solution to the challenges. Welcome to Groupool! The one stop carpooling solution based on practical needs and realities of commuting. Focused on daily corporate commuters, it a secured app allowing only verified users to get on to the platform. The authenticity of the users is based on Mobile no. and Office email verification.

The simplicity is its key. The sign up takes less than 30 sec. Next enter your Home location and select your office location from the drop-down box. Either post a ride in one tap or lookup rides around you. Connect with co-commuters with confidence knowing fully that they are verified and commuting is safe and secured with them.

Happy stress-free commuting!