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What is Carpooling?

Carpooling is sharing car journey so that two or more people travel in the same car. It saves money, eases commuting and is environment friendly.

What is Groupool?

Groupool is a mobile app platform for simple and secured carpooling for corporate employees. It connects the car owners and riders through a simplistic and user friendly interface.

How about safety aspects of carpooling with Groupool?

Groupool connects your neighbors and colleagues by creating a group of trusted corporate commuters. These are the same folks who live nearby you and either go to the same office or nearby offices. Unless the corporate identity of the user is not verified, they will not be able to carpool. Similarly the mobile no. is verified through OTP.

How does Groupool work?

Step 1: Register for Free

Download Groupool Android App and Signup with just few basic inputs. User verification will happen once the corporate email ID is verified.

Step 2: Enter Home and Office Location

This step lets you add your daily commuting route. Enter your Home location such as your society name or apartment complex name. If your location is on Google maps then we have it in our app. For verified companies, a dropdown will allow the user to choose his office location (for e.g. Persistent Systems Hinjewadi, Fujitsu Kharadi etc.).

Step 3: Offer Rides (For Car Owners)

As a Car owner, you can offer a ride with just one click. Groupool gives you recommended price for your trip, with the option to change the price.

Step 3: Find Rides (For Riders)

Rides will be shown in a list for your selected route and nearby routes so that you don’t have to search or add/join new groups in your near vicinity. The rides listing will show you the car owner details and you would be able to contact the car owner via In-App Chat, SMS or Call.

Why does Groupool recommend to add my office email id?

Verified office email ID helps us in building a community of trusted co-workers for carpooling. We use the email address ONLY to send the verification link and do not use it for any other purpose. Unverified users are not allowed to use the platform.

Does Groupool transfer the trip cost between the Car owner and the Rider?

The rider can pay the car owner through cash transaction or through Paytm mobile wallet.