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Groupool values your privacy and does not share your personal data and contact information with any third party unless absolutely essential for the reliable functioning of our service.

Privacy and Data Protection

1. General

1.1. Groupool (“we” or “us”) takes data privacy seriously and will not compromise on the data collected from the user interactions. This policy applies to all the data collected through the use of app and/or its services.
1.2. By using this Site or any services we offer, you are consenting to the collection, use, and disclosure of that information about you in accordance with, and are agreeing to be bound by, this Privacy Policy.

2. Data Collection

2.1. We collect certain personal information about user to register with the app to access the platform services. This includes name, gender, mobile phone number, personal email and official email, car details, password etc.
2.2. The information thus gathered is used for successful operations of the platform for your use.
2.3. We mandates the user to input his personal email ID as well as official email ID while signing up. The official email ID is used for corporate identity verification and we will not send any unsolicited communication ever to the user’s corporate email ID.
2.4. All the signup information is used to contact the user directly through the app interactions.
2.5. We will integrate with payment gateways for cashless transactions. We will never store any information pertaining to credit cards, debit cards or any user ID/password other linked to payment transactions.
2.6. Once we link social network features with the app, then we will use the data for building trust and reputation of the riders and drivers through these means.
2.7. Other data such as in-app chat between members, ride route data, location data will not be shared with anyone but will be used by us to improve upon its services.

3. Editing personal profile Information

3.1. The app allows you to change profile information from within the profile section. Clicking on Profile takes to Edit Profile page for any edits.

4. Email Opt Out

4.1. Marketing specific emails can be opted out for by replying to the emails.

5. Security

5.1. Our app is password protected and identity is guaranteed by checking OTP on the users mobile as well as corporate identity through email verification. This two level security is guaranteed to confirm the correct user for rides.
5.2. We will ensure that the data stored is secured to maximum possible extent but as with any other IT system the data could be hacked and misused in unforeseen conditions especially when getting transmitted through the network. We cannot guaranteed the security of the data transmitted to us through the network.
5.3. With respect to personal security, although all measures have been taken to verify the user identity, we solicit care and precaution to assess the driver/riders before getting into a ride. Over a period of time and because of our concept of creating groups based on local geography, the users would develop bond and trust among themselves.

6. Updating Privacy policy

6.1. The privacy policy will be updated from time to time to accommodate new features and additions. We request users to review the policy periodically. Each time you use app platform, you agree to the terms and provide a consent for the policy.

7. Contact Us

7.1. If you feel like reaching out to us, then you can at any time use the Contactus-Section of the website to write to us.