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Braving the heavy traffic, zooming past polluting vehicles and struggling to cope with soaring temperatures. Does this description match your everyday journey to work? If yes, then it is about time that you left behind your everyday travel woes. Presenting Groupool – a quick-fix to your commuting troubles! As a corporate-centric carpooling service, it lets you share the travel cost, cars and your journey with fellow office goers.

Apart from being a great way of commuting to work, carpooling also aids in reducing your carbon footprint. There are several carpooling services out there who claim to help you carpool better but no one does it like we do. There is no app or solution today that’d focus on the daily commuting patterns of corporate employees and their safety. It’s because of this very reason that we are today Pune’s fastest growing corporate-centric carpooling service.

Focused on daily corporate commuters, Groupool is a secured app allowing only verified users to get onto the platform. The authenticity of the users is based on the user’s mobile number and office email ID. What’s more? It is an extremely simple app to sign up and use!
Here’s how you can enjoy a hassle free commuting using Groupool –

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